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[the subconscious machine]

Hot Tramp, I Love You So
25 July 1980
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This Journal is Primarily Friends Only
*Stalkers, plz die in a fire, k thnx.

I lived in New Orleans for 8 years.
As of October 1st, 2006 I have relocated to Austin, Texas.

EDIT: June 12th, 2009 I am BACK in New Orleans!!! Huzzah!

I have a rescued dog who is my furry child.
I'm not particularly fond of hurricanes.
I have quite a few tattoos.
EyeCandy Tattoo Rocks the Fucking Casbah.
I worked at Flanagan's Pub for a long time. I miss it every day, you can't replace family.

I'm opinionated, smart, sarcastic, quirky, sexy, fat, mildly crazy and in person I talk with my hands.

L to R: Stevie, Andi, Me and Bobby on Andi's b-day

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