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May Show!!

Save the date ATX bitches!!

Come see me shake my stuff in TWO performances, a duet with the lovely and FAB-U-LOUS Erin GoBraughless, the other solo!

I think I may perpetually use the dancing GIR icon for burlesque posts simply because I find it so fucking funny!! ;)


As a general rule, I'm pretty anti-Valentine's Day, I've never expected anything of it other than misery and injury. It was somehow always a VERY BAD DAY for me for about 5 years straight, and in no way were any of the very bad things romantically connected in any way. We're talking fires, illnesses requiring hospitalization, car accidents, power outages, etc.

The Bingo kids and Preservation Hall Jazz Band have managed to find a chink in my armor.


A video from the PHJB and Clint and Ronnie doing the song "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" that will be dispersed to inboxes everywhere on Valentine's Day. It's a companion video to "Complicated Life" for their eventual release of Made in New Orleans: The Hurricane Sessions.

DOOOOO IIIIITTTT!! You know you want to!! :)

The Complicated Life video:

Happy Howlidays!!


Ruger sez "Mom, I hate you for making me wear these to amuse yourself. BAH HUMBUG!!" ;)

I worked all day today, so my apologies for no mass text messaging or earlier LJ post.

To the jackasses who came out tonight and tipped shitty or not at all: I HOPE SANTA TAKES A HUGE FUCKING DUMP AND THEN EJACULATES ONTO IT IN YOUR STOCKING NEXT YEAR!! Fucking wankers.

In other news, my mom got me a sushi making set this year. While I have certainly expressed my desire to learn how to make sushi before, most of that was when Andy and I would spend $100+ a week on sushi. Now I'm not sure how much I'd really use it. I guess I need to get (yet another*) boyfriend who loves the fishy goodness as much as I do.

The problem with sushi as a home prepared meal is that you can't just make it and plan to have leftovers. It needs to be eaten within 12 hours (really, more like 3-6), or it becomes complete crap. Even the veggie or cooked rolls need to be consumed in that time window or the rice becomes hard and nasty. I'm guilty of my eyes almost always being bigger than my stomach when it comes to the tasty fishies, so I'm a bad solo sushi chef. Not to mention the fact that sushi grade raw fish isn't exactly cheap, so I'm not going to spend it if I don't KNOW it will get eaten.

I guess I need to start throwing sushi dinner parties. I have no real way of procuring fresh tempura flakes though, which is my fave way of adding crunch other than sesame seeds in the rice. And my favorite secret ingredient to round out a roll, masago, isn't exactly cheap.

Santa didn't bring me what I really wanted, which was a quality Digital SLR Camera**. Both of my PaS digis have died, one takes photos that produce some fantastic ghostly/melting effects, the other had its lens smashed to one side. I've since decided to stop messing around with point and shoots, I'd ideally like to get into photography as at least a paying hobby, if not an actual career. My cameras and I, that's the ONLY thing I've stuck to for over 15 years. When I bought my new phone, I took the camera quality into account as my second most important feature. All of the photos you have seen from me in the past 4 months are from my camera phone. I've been that long without an actual camera.

Excuse me while I go cry over that fact. I feel so naked. Even if you don't see them, I'm always taking photos. Ask my mom, ask Andy.

Add to my savings for the aforementioned camera if you feel so inclined.

Especially those of you who are only reading this because you like to see me naked. Imagine the possibilities with a fabulous new camera!!

*If you don't love sushi, and I mean REALLY love it, as in would eat it every day, our dating life would be very short.

**It's not professional equipment, but it's enough to get me back into the swing of things, save up for new lenses and a new body if I get enough business. BTW, I'm probably a Canon whore for life, their cameras have treated me so well since I was 13. I <3 Canon.

Happy Holidays!!

The Noisician Coalition and Flanagan's Pub Wish Y'all a Very Noisy and Drunken Holiday!!

Watch it. It's HYSTERICAL!!

Yep, ladies, that's my husband. I guess that technically makes me Mrs. Flanagan Noisician Claus from afar. *LOL*

Noisician Coalition on current.com!!!

Follow the link if the embed doesn't work. :)

Aaaannnddd, the Noisician Coalition MySpace if anyone is curious. I miss being able to bring the noise whenever it was called for!

Sharky the Pit Bull (Again)

Such a great ambassador for the breed. :)

"Nobody Wanna See Us Together" *LOL*

Sharky and his chicks at 4 months.

The vid for which he gained YouTube popularity:
This post is of a beautiful video from the New Orlean's Summer of 2005 featuring some of my favorite hometown musicians and characters. I don't know why I didn't post this before now, I've seen this video at BINGO! shows and posted en mass in various places online.

I guess I just hoped that posting it at a less popular time would help convey how much this song and video mean to me. This isn't a mass post. Listening to this is something personal that touches me at such a level that I find it difficult, if not impossible, to talk about.

Don't listen to me, listen to this:

Clint Maedgen
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
The New Orleans BINGO! Show

Sunday Secrets

These Sunday Secrets are the best I've read in a while.

Spread the PostSecret love.

Try Netflix FREE for a month

Every year Netflix sends me these little trial offer cards to give to friends who don't currently have Netflix. You sign up and get a free month, and you can cancel service with them if you don't like it. You do have to have a debit/credit card to sign up, but as long as you cancel before they end of the trial, they won't charge you. Netflix is crazy reliable and run by super-nice people, they won't dick you over.

Anyway, I have FOUR codes for trial offers. First four peeps to comment get the codes. Comment with your e-mail address.

The offer expires October 31st, so you have to sign up before then.

Final Bonneville Update

The boys didn't make it into the 200 mph club, but they did go faster than Hurricane Katrina's winds. The top run was 162 mph, that's about 180-185 on asphalt.

They did 5 runs yesterday, all without incident, but they noticed in the last 2 that they were losing speed but upping the rpms. Turns out that they wore out the super charger blades, they were no longer getting any boost. The super charger was fairly small this year, so they've decided to go bigger and better for next year, they're also going to change out the rear end. But they successfully pushed the car that they built to the limits of what it could do. They'll tweak and adjust and try again for the 200 mph club next year.

JT did the final run yesterday and did 78 mph, much to the amusement of the rest of the team. Andy did a final run this morning, but only managed 130 with the worn out super charger. They're currently cleaning the car, and then heading out for a well-deserved night on the town. They'll head back to New Orleans tomorrow afternoon, and yes, they are physically driving the car back as well. The super charger obviously doesn't effect the car's legal performance on the interstate. ;)

The first trip to Bonneville for the New Orleans Racing Team was a fantastic success!! For a team of guys who have never done this before and a driver who had never raced before, this is an amazing accomplishment!! Everyone at Bonneville knew who they were, where they came from and the story of the car and were all incredibly supportive of the team.

I'm SOOO Proud of Them!! And you all should be too.

Now go drink at Flanagan's and give the boys your support so they can buy that new super charger for next year. :)